NT Learn Member Benefits

Last updated: (27-Mar-2019)
Why do you need to be NTLearn.Com member?
01. Unlimited Access
Once you register as a NTLearn member, you will able to access practice tests unlimited number of trails with lesser google ads. Non-registered member will able to access only limited number of trail tests per day.
02. Full Set of Question Access
Only new chapters are available for non-registered members, alternatively trail set of questions available to access for every chapters.
03. Practice Test Result Tracker

When you attempt practice tests via NTLearn member, your practice test results are stored in our system. This will allow you to track your performance history by subjects. Also, you will able to share the test results to your parents or guardians to show your performance.

Also, this will allow you to focus on the subject which you are weak.

04. Eligibility to Particiate NTLearn Top scorer competition

NTLearn conducts annual Top scorer competitions. If you wish to participate, you must need to register as a NTLearn member. NTLearn Top scorer results will be published on our portal in 31st Dec 2018..

05. Notification New Topics or Questions updates
NTLearn notifications is available only for registered members. Our system will allow you to enable or disable notification services at any time. NtLearn notification service will send you whenever new questions added in to our NTLearn.com education portal
Contact Us
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us @ support@ntlearn.com